Two paintings from warmer times. The Garlic Window (top) and Dappled Light (bottom) bring back memories of warm summer days that seemed to go on for ever as I look out at a cold wet early April afternoon.
Post Published by Tomas King 02 - 04 - 2018   


I purchased this tile many years ago from a brocante in the south west of France and it has been with me in my studio ever since. At the time the owner of the brocante said it was Longwy and wrote the name on the back for me but I have never been able to find any reference to the design which is clearly 'art deco' and measures
8. 1/4" x 8. 1/4". The pottery was established towards the end of the 17th century in a Carmelite convent and during its long history has engaged in many styles and worked with many eminent artists and designers. I am very fond of it and it has become part of the furniture of my studio.