Happy Summer Days

Looking back on a cold, wet and windy day in December to happier days in the summer. This watercolour was painted while out with a group of artist friends on a beautiful Summers day.
Post published by Tomas King 10th Dec. 2017 


Our two grandchildren watching TV before bedtime. Watercolour on paper.
Post published by Tomas King 4th Oct 17.


Oil on Georgian Oil Paper 36cm x 45cm.
Post published by Tomas King 23 - 06 - 2017


Watercolour on paper. Post published by Tomas King 1 -06 - 2017


At the beginning of the life painting session each week we start with a series of quick studies. The three above were done in watercolour on cartridge paper. The smooth surface of the cartridge paper is not absorbent and the watercolour tends to float on the surface creating a fluid effect. It is a cheap way of making these quick studies without spending a lot of money on expensive watercolour paper. The image below is the finished oil sketch on canvas board which took one and a half hours.
 Post published by Tomas King 18th May 2017


As I mentioned in my last post I recently came across a box containing all the invitations to my past exhibitions. The watercolour, top (Profusion), was featured on the invitation to my first solo exhibition (Spring in Cahors) twenty five years ago and the one underneath (La Muy) is from my second solo exhibition (A Month in Provence) twenty three years ago. I recall that there were twenty three paintings in second exhibition and twenty two of them were sold. I am still wondering what was wrong with the one that did not sell! Those were the days.
Post published by Tomas King 12th May 2017


I recently came across a box containing some old exhibition invitations and a folder with some images of past paintings. I decided to scan them and save them onto the computer just in case they disappear again. I thought it might be an idea to publish them from time to time on my blog. My style has changed over the years but some of the images are still relevant. 'Red White and Blue' above was painted about eighteen years ago. It is watercolour on paper and measures approximately 28cm x 45cm.
Post published by Tomas King 29th April 2017


These three images were done as painting demonstrations at a class I have been running for beginners working in oil paint. The purpose of the demonstrations was to get the students to look at colour within objects and not just paint what they think they see. The cooking apples above for example are green but there are many, many different shades of green within this simple subject creating tone, shape and form. The same can be said of the pink pot above and the brown jug in the central image. Both of these objects were a single colour but the reflections, highlights and shadows add a vast range of tones yet they still look like a pink pot and a brown jug. The coloured squares were done to illustrate the fact that by making subtle changes to the ratio of the mixes a vast range of colours can
 be achieved from a very limited palette. The image on the left was done to illustrate the problems of making objects look round that are also transparent.
Post published by Tomas King 24th March 2017    


This painting forms part of a series I started some years ago of artist friends. The painting was created from life while the sculpture worked in her studio and was seventy five per cent complete at the end of the day. When I returned home I put it to one side and did not return to it until two years later. I love working spaces and they do not get much better than this.
Post published by Tomas King 6th March 2017   


A friend loaned me a chaise longue to use as a prop in my studio for a few weeks and I have been making good use of it. The image at the top of this post was painted in my studio recently, the watercolour (second from top) was painted first, the oil painting centre (55cm x 40cm) followed not long after. The figure study in watercolour (bottom) was also completed recently.
Post published by Tomas King 12th Jan. 2017. Revised 16th Jan. 2017.
Revised 6th March 2017.