Hidden in the Hedgerow

These days when I load up the car to go out painting I put everything in on the basis that you never know what you will find. I try to keep an open mind but in my head what I am looking for is 'the big picture'. A landscape filled with drama, big skies, strong shapes and plenty of colour.
Last Saturday I ventured out in just such a frame of mind but what I found was an entire landscape in an area of hedgerow twenty four inches square. The colours in the dying leaves and vegetation required the full range of my palette and reminded me once again that so often, we miss the obvious. I could have painted any section of the hedgerow and it would have been just as interesting, we are surrounded by beauty, we just fail to see it because it is familiar.  
Above: Blackberry and Brier on an Autumn Day. 30cm x 25cm (12" x 10")
Post published by Tomas King 24 September 2014