As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I have always enjoyed painting gardens. The contrast between the loose lush profusion of the plants and the lines of structure in the buildings suits my style very well. The two watercolours here are a good example of that. It is the structure of the buildings that holds the paintings together, the plants are just mere suggestions, the brain fills in the bits that are missing. The painting above (The Balustrade) was painted in Ireland at Altamount House and gardens. The house is in a state of neglect and is crumbling which adds to its charm as a painting.
The Orangery at Castle Ashby was painted on a recent trip to England. It is one of my favourite places to paint for the reasons mentioned above but it had been over twenty years since I had painted there. It was a delight to return and happy to see that nothing had changed - long may it stay so.
Post published by Tomas King 24th Aug 2014 

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