These three pictures were painted for an exhibition called 'Four Square' as part of a food festival. The vegetables above were dug up from a neighbours garden especially for the painting. I wanted to avoid the clean washed look of produce from a supermarket and create an awareness that they had come from the earth. 
The fish above proved more difficult to paint. The iridescent nature of their surface made their colour very elusive and difficult to define. I was surprised how much they had, at first glance there appeared to be very little but that was not the case.
I borrowed the basket from a friend and grabbed a few things from the kitchen for the painting above. I am always amazed that such simple everyday objects make paintings.
Top: Fresh Harvest. Oil on Board. 30cm x 30cm (12"x12")
Second from top: Catch of the Day. Oil on Board 30cm x 30cm (12"x12")
Bottom: Egg and Tomato. Oil on Board 30cm x 30cm (12"x12")
Post published by Tomas King 7th May 2014

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