The 'Reed Bed' above and 'Ancient Pastures' below were both painted last week when, for a brief period, there was a break in the weather and for a few days it looked as though Spring had finally arrived. It was not to last but I took full advantage and decided to get out with my easel, blow some cobwebs away and slap some paint around! I did not go far from home, both subjects were painted in the same area and it was a subject I had looked at last year but dismissed. However, my timing was perfect. The reeds had turned a golden yellow colour over winter and were contrasting beautifully with a clear, deep blue sky. The Reed Bed is a simple but difficult subject to handle because of the mass of a single colour in the foreground. What holds it together, I believe, is the thick oil paint sweeping over the canvas like the reeds themselves making it look as thought the wind is blowing through them.
'Ancient Pastures' was something of a departure. I wanted to experiment using watercolour on tinted paper, something I had done many, many years ago, but had used my last sheet of paper a long time ago. Its not easy to get hold of tinted watercolour paper but I tracked some down on the internet. I had remembered it was difficult to work with and nothing had changed over the years. As soon as the paper gets wet it changes colour making it difficult to judge colour values. As more paint is applied to the paper it gets easier and, of course, as the paper begins to dry out it becomes more manageable. 'Ancient Pastures' was painted in watercolour on a Grey/Brown tinted paper with touches of white body colour.
Post published by Tomas King 22 - March 2014