FIGURE STUDIES from the Swallows Nest Studio

I think I have mentioned before that during the winter a group of artists get together once a week at a friends studio and share the cost of a model. Its a great opportunity to do some painting when the weather outside is cold and miserable. Apart from the painting opportunity its good to see how other artists interpret the same subject and to have a chat about arty things over a cup of tea or coffee. 

The painting above of Catherine was completed in one and a half hours and was done during the last session of 2013. The watercolour sketch of Catherine (done during the same session) was completed in two minutes. Its a real challenge to get anything down in two minutes, I have no recollection of putting in any of the brush strokes, it all happens so quickly, automatic pilot takes over and the brain diss-tills everything down to the essential marks only. I did not use a pencil but painted directly with the brush.
Some times it works, some times it does not. I Like the simplicity of this.
The painting of Steven was done on our first session back in January of the new year 2014. The watercolour sketch was completed in half an hour and the oil painting below was done in one and a half hours. 
Post published by Tomas King 17th January 2014

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