Three Recent Oil Paintings

Continuing with my series of paintings produced during the summer, here are another three oils. 'Shadows on the Sand', (top) was painted during the early part of the summer and is not the sort of subject I would normally paint but I was attracted by the wild flowers scattered between the rocks and for once I looked down instead of up. It just goes to show you don't always have to look for the big picture to produce a painting. Despite the subject it is not a floral painting and I deliberately tried not to get too involved with the detail of the flowers. What I like about the painting is the sense of pattern in the sand created by the dried up seaweed.

'The day that was in it - Fanore' (middle) was done very recently in a wonderful and very unusual place called The Burren in the west of Ireland, County Clare. The day was just as it appears in the painting, very changeable and very windy. I battled the elements to produce this painting and it was very rewarding both for the result and the fact that I managed to produce something despite the buffeting of the wind coming off the Atlantic. The sound of the sea washing the shore was wonderful. The colour of the sand at Fanore is very unusual being a very warm yellow/orange against the blue haze of the Connemara mountains in the distance.

'River-Boats Graiguenamanagh' (bottom) is again, a recent painting. The sky was very flat and grey but the colours of the boats and the reflections in the water held the painting together.
Shadows on the Sand 40 x 40cm
The day that was in it - Fanore 45.5 x 61cm
River-Boats, Graiguenamanagh 40.5 x 50cm
Post Published by Tomas King 11-9-2013


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