Two Recent Waterolours

It has been a glorious summer and I have taken full advantage of the long days. Here are just two of the paintings produced during this period, both watercolours. The top painting 'A Soft Day' 31 x 60cm was painted at one of my favourite locations. I have painted this many times but always I seem to find something different in this small group of buildings. The bottom painting 'From Coliemore Harbour to Dalkey Island, 22 x 32cm is of a delightful spot along the coast road just south of Dublin. I had been meaning to paint it for a long time but the opportunity never seemed to present itself. To get this view I had to stand in the road with a board fixed around my neck like an ice-cream seller in a cinema and hold my palette, water container and tissues in one hand while balancing my board against my waist to keep it steady and paint with the other hand, and for good measure I had to move out of the way every time a car came along. I like very much the old winch at the bottom right used for hauling the boats up the very steep ramp. 
Post published by Tomas King 22 - 8 - 2013


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