Painting Jean Marc's Portrait

The above portrait was done of Jean Marc, a friend, while visiting my home here in Ireland. He and his wife took a series of photos of me during the process of doing the portrait and I thought it would be fun to show them here. It is rare for me to be photographed in my studio while working for the simple reason that I am usually on my own but whenever it happens I am always amused by the variety of my facial expressions and body posture - an indication of the concentration that goes into producing what appears to be a casual painting.
Post published by Tomas King 22nd June 2013


It has been a long time since my last blog post but I have been busy working in my studio and I will, in time, publish that work. However, for now I would like to share a little sunshine with you. It has been a long cold Spring here in Ireland and I was beginning to think Summer would never arrive but at last I have been able to get outside, feel the sun on my back, work in comfort and go home at the end of the day tired but contented. All four of the paintings featured here were done en plein air and if summer stays around a little longer I hope there will be more.
Top: Windy Day on the South Slobs. Oil on canvas 45 x 60cm
Second from Top: Rock 'n' Roll. Oil on canvas 40 x 50cm
Centre: Farm Buildings St. Margaret's Bay. Watercolour 30 x 47cm
Bottom: Between the Dunes in May. Oil on canvas 45 x 60cm
Post published by Tomas King 5th June 2013