Edward Seago

It was over coffee with two other artist that the name Edward Seago came up. Like so many we held his work in high regard and wondered at his lack of recognition by the art establishment.

During my time living in Norfolk in England I painted many of the sites made famous by him and was fortunate to acquire a number of books both on him and by him. I cannot say his writing moves me in the same way as his paintings but is of much interest to anyone interested in his work and gives an insight to his inner thoughts. As far as I know he wrote five on his own and three with John Masefield. Of the three illustated here, the most interesting is 'A Canvas to Cover' published by Collins in 1947. This copy, bought in Holt in Norfolk has a book plate attached with the name Cecil Barker and is dated Feb 1947. The other two are: High Endeavour published by Collins in 19
44 and Peace in War published by Collins in 1943. This has the name B B Loves 1944 inside.

Despite his phenomenal success both during his life and after he never came to terms with his lack of recognition, he had a wonderful ability to move freely between Oil and Watercolour and excelled in both. Like most of us he had his failures however. To begin with he had ambitions to follow the circus with his brushes, he then tried equestrian art and later the ballet but it was landscape that made his name and the big skies of East Anglia in England. An interesting book on his life not much known is 'Edward Seago, The Other Side of the Canvas' by Jean Goodman first published by William Collins Sons & Co 1978. My edition was published by Jarrold Publishing, Norwich in 1990. Goodman interviewed Seago and had her portrait painted by him.
Illustrated Left:
Edward Seago by Ron Ranson published by David and Charles
Edward Seago, The Landscape Art by James Reid published by Sotheby's
and a sale catalogue of Seago Paintings at the Richard Green Gallery 1999
Post published by Tom King Nov. 2010