The Plein Air Festival of Ireland, now in its third year, took place last weekend (30th July-1st Aug.) in Wexford and finished with an exhibition in Greenacres Gallery of work produced.
This year the festival included Enniscorthy celebrating 1500 years in existance and attracted artists from as far away as America. Over a hundred artists took part filling the streets of Wexford and Enniscorthy with sheets of paper, canvases, bags, easels and umbrellas. All work had to be completed during the festival painted en plein air and several additional events were organised including a number of paint-outs around the county extending its scope and time frame.
The exhibition at Greenacres Gallery in Wexford continues until 7th August and included are my three paintings shown here produced over the weekend. All are Line and Wash on Paper.

From the top down:
St. Iberius Church, North Main Street, Wexford
The Bullring Mkt. Wexford.
The Saturday Mkt. Enniscorthy.
Published by Tom King, 3 - 8 -10

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