The extract below was taken from a book I started to write some years ago about my painting style called 'A Fluid Style'. Perhaps one day I will get round to finishing it.
A low afternoon sun cast long shadows through a pure clear January light bleaching a landscape already laid bare by winter frosts and bitter winds. It emphasised each undulation leaving deep hollows where its rays could not penetrate. A group of trees to the left stood stark against a stone-blue sky, their trunks catching the light to one side. At first glance they looked colourless but on closer inspection revealed a wide spectrum within their shadowy mass. They cast long tentacles of grey that spread out across the track in front of me, rippled over ploughed fields to my right, drawing clear lines that led the eye to the vines in the field beyond and a sharp rise in the land leading to a farmhouse straddling the hillside.
From one of its barns burst a glow of red at a perfect focal point. The distant hills had turned almost pure ultramarine and dropped in from the right leading the eye to the house and forming a counterbalance to the group of trees on the left. This was what I was looking for.
I unloaded the car and began to paint furiously. I had only stopped to check the front tyre of the car and when I looked up, there it was. Why had I not noticed it before? I had walked along this track almost every day for the last three years, the house in the distance was mine! What I was looking at was not just a landscape but a brief moment in time, an hour before or later and it would not be there, not like this. As I stood painting I realised that I had painted numerous subjects in this same small area close to the house, each had been like this, a chance encounter, a brief moment each year and only at a certain time of day
Post by Tom King 13 02 10. Painting: Colours of the Earth by Tomas King. Oil on Canvas