It has been a wonderful summer here in the south west of France. The holiday season is still in full swing, the markets full of life and colour, days are long and hot and festival time is everywhere. Everything and everybody is outside. But already the evenings are just a little cooler and there is a freshness to the morning air that suggests the onset of mellow mists that will creep up the valley to bathe the trees in tiny droplets of water and slowly change their colour. In two weeks the children will be going back to school, the streets will be deserted and not long after we will be moving on to Ireland for a different sort of festival and a different sort of mist. I thought therefore this might be the time to share some of the images painted during these last few weeks.
Some friends asked us to look after their garden while they were away so I made good use of it, not to sunbathe or swim in a pool but to splash as much oil on canvas and watercolour on paper as I could. I have always enjoyed painting gardens so will start my summer views with some of these.

Paintings by Tomas King. Top: The Wheelbarrow, Oil on Canvas.
Middle: The Kitchen Garden, Oil oil Canvas.
Bottom Left: The Summer Cabin, Oil on Canvas.
Published by Tom King 16th 08 09


Lucy said...

Absolutely gorgeous paintings - the colour and vibrancy captured in your work is stunning. Keep the posts coming!

Janine said...

Tom, I just absolutely love these paintings and wish I was there to see them first hand. I am sure that you will have very successful time in Wexford!