I first became aware of Clarice Cliff through a television programme many years ago called ‘The Pottery Ladies’. I have always loved the designs of the 1930’s and wanted to know more, so it wasn’t long before I began a small collection of her work and at one time owned thirteen pieces. My design company had been involved with Wedgwood for a number of years and it was during this period that they acquired the company Midwinter, who owned the rights to the Clarice Cliff Designs - Midwinter had bought them from Wilkinson’s, who were the original producers of her work. I was delighted at the time to be asked by Wedgwood to design the promotional material and packaging for a new edition of her products, and during the process of this project a number of items from this edition were delivered to my studio.

I have no idea what prompted it, but one day the Blue W Jug was sitting at the end of my desk and I reached out my hand for a small piece of paper and scribbled a design containing the jug. It was not in my usual style and it was almost as though someone else’s hand had made the sketch, but these things happen sometimes. The drawing was only 10 x 11cm. and was made with a fibre-tipped pen, gouache and magic marker. I put it to one side and during the next few years developed the concept, increased the size considerably, and gave it the title ‘Homage to Clarice’. It is now fourteen years since I first reached out my hand to scribble on that small piece of paper, and the image has just been produced as a series of limited edition of Giclée Prints.

For further information regarding Tom's Giclee Print, Homage to Clarice, including dimensions, edition size and price follow the link to Studio Tomas King Shop.

Top: Homage to Clarice by Tomas King. Bottom Left: Packaging designed for Wedgwood. Post published by Tom King 1st August 09

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